The Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino


Grade A

Tim Lapetino’s lovingly detailed The Art of Atari is the warm, fuzzy throwback to your childhood that you didn’t realize you’d been without. Beautifully compiled and exhaustively researched, Lapetino shines a spotlight on the artists who brought the minimalist Atari games of the 70s and 80s to life through gorgeous packaging and promotional illustrations that elaborated on the initially crude graphics of the iconic Atari console games by creating visual stories that gave players a narrative to enhance the minimalist gameplay. From Asteroids to Yar’s Revenge, every remembered and forgotten game is here along with the behind the scenes stories of the distinctive artists who created the art that gave each title identities that still resonate today. Nostalgia in the best sense, Lapetino has outdone himself with this throwback to an era and an emerging technology, the meteoric rise and fall of a game-changing company, and subsequent home gaming market that ended up altering the cultural landscape.

Art of Atari available now.


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