The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore


Grade B

Oscar-winning screenwriter (The Imitation Game) Graham Moore’s newest novel The Last Days of Night imagines a fictionalized account of an epic battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse for supremacy in the war of who invented the lightbulb. It’s a delicious premise that Moore admittedly takes liberties with, but the accuracy and pitch-perfect telling of the tale creates a world and a yarn—told from the perspective of the protagonist Paul Cravath, a novice lawyer taking on a case seemingly too vast for his inexperience—that feels so detailed and researched that you’d think you were reading non-fiction. Moore has a tendency, perhaps rightly so after winning said Oscar and developing The Last Days of Night into an upcoming feature film, to structure the story almost like a novelization of his forthcoming screenplay, but it doesn’t necessarily detract from the richness of the novel, nor does the abundance of electricity lessons. A witty, entertaining read.

The Last Days of Night: A Novel available now.

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